Case Account 101 - The Basic Section of Your Fundraising Arsenal

A case account is a abridged certificate that acutely explains what charge your alignment seeks to meet, how you accept and plan to accommodated that need, and what you could achieve with added resources. Your case account should be able for your donors and prospects, so accumulate it focused on them and what they are absorbed in. Don't achieve the aberration of autograph it so that alone "insiders" can accept it.
Your case account will serve as the basal section for all added promotional documents, such as brochures, grants, and columnist releases. It data your organization's mission, vision, history, and acumen for gluttonous funds.
It does not charge to be a diffuse document, but it have to awning the important pieces.
Format for creating your case statement
1. History. Describe your alignment and acquaint a abrupt history of your organization. What makes you special?
2. Challenge and ramifications. What are the challenges/threats your alignment faces? What will be the appulse on the association and the citizenry you serve if those challenges go unmet?
3. Who you are and what you do. What is your mission/vision? How ample is your alignment and how abounding do you serve? What are your primary programs or areas of focus?
4. Results. What after-effects has your alignment accomplished so far? What are your approaching plans? Planning to increase?
5. The Ask. Why are you allurement for money? What is the amount of the plan you are doing? What does it amount you to accommodate one assemblage of service? If this is a accurate campaign, how abundant are you aggravating to raise? How will the money be spent? How can humans acquaintance you to donate?
Tips for creating a successful, acute case statement:
o Apperceive your audience. Put yourself in your donor's shoes and anticipate about the things he or she is absorbed in about your organization.
o Address for an admirers of one. Anticipate about a specific donor and address to him or her.
o Achieve abiding your case account answers the catechism "Why do these association deserve my support?"
o Be abiding to aswell acknowledgment "What will my allowance accomplish?" Donors wish to apperceive how their allowance will achieve a difference.
o Include key statistics if they will abutment your account of the need.
o Address with passion. If your clairvoyant isn't confused to give, your case account will not do you any good.